We are proud to announce the launching of the new website for Idea ShowHouse. The site provides easy navigation for viewers and is equally as aesthetically pleasing as the homes the site features. The images throughout the website offer a sneak peek into the elegantly crafted Idea ShowHouse, and provide endless browsing opportunity into multiple areas of many other beautifully designed homes.

The “Explore the ShowHouse” section of the Idea ShowHouse website features photos, floor plans, and finishing details on both an Oakland Township home and a Rochester Hills home. The Oakland Township house, an Italian villa valued at $2.8 million, will be featured in the upcoming Homearama 2014 event. Homearama is an exclusive event where attendees can tour six custom-built homes, each valued in excess of $2.0 million. Homearama will be open to the public starting Friday, August 29, 2014. Tickets are available on the Homearama website.

The “Get Inspired” section of the Idea ShowHouse website features detailed images of all areas of multiple homes. Viewers will find the featured layouts, color schemes, and overall designs to be inspiring ideas to incorporate into their own homes. These images can be sorted to view previous ShowHouses or specific areas of the home you are interested in.

Many talented professionals donated their time and resources to create the Idea ShowHouse the masterpiece that it is. Their hard work and support is evident in every corner of every room. View the beauty for yourself online at Idea ShowHouse, or stop by and see it in person. We gladly welcome you to our home.